Aug 17, 2018 2:51:16 AM

How To Tell Human Hair And Synthetic Hair

Human Hair Weave are primarily differentiated based on whether they are made of synthetic or natural human hair. In this context, Brazilian Hair is natural human hair of Brazilian origin, which has not been subjected to any form of chemical treatment. Remy hair is the best and most expensive with their cuticles intact and flowing in a single direction, giving uniformity to the Human Hair Extensions.

Remy virgin hair is usually collected from a single donor. This prevents this kind of Brazilian Virgin Remy hair extensions from tangling and makes them shinier and longer lasting. Non-Remy Brazilian virgin hair can also be made tangle-free, but this involves shaving off the cuticles completely, which causes the hair to lose its sheen. Unlike Brazilian virgin hair, synthetic hair extensions are made of artificial fibers and are less expensive.

While synthetic hair extensions can come in a range of attractive styles and exotic colors, the drawback is that they cannot be re-styled and are prone to damage if exposed to chemical treatment or coloring. So, for every style or color needed, you need a different set of synthetic hair extensions. So, while Brazilian virgin hair extensions are costlier, they are more versatile and last longer. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper and easier to maintain.