How To Restore Body Wave Wigs?

Jun 17, 2021 10:00:00 AM

How To Restore Body Wave Wigs?

Compare to synthetic wigs, people prefer to buy human hair wigs. Because human hair wigs usually are made of 100% human virgin hair that can offer people more real and natural wig looks. Meanwhile, people also need to care for these human hair wigs like their own human hair. Today's article will take typical body wave wigs as an example to talk about how to maintain and restore them.

1. What Is Body Wave Hair?

There are many different beautiful hair textures: classic straight hair, attractive curly hair, active water wave hair, gentle body wave hair, etc. Different from common, regular straight hair. Body wave hair is one of the wavy hairstyles. And it has bigger and looser curls than other wavy hairs. Wearing a body wave hair wig, people can get a graceful and gentle look. People always can be attracted to very feminine women with long body wave hair.

Body Wave Wigs

2. Why Need To Restore Body Wave Wigs?

Body wave hair is made from straight hair. The high-temperature steam process achieves the beautiful body wave curls without any chemical process. So body wave hair texture is also easy to become loose. Especially after taking lots of repeated washings. The original body wave hair texture will be mostly lost gradually. Some people do not like straight hair, but buying a new hair wig is a waste of money. Learning some useful methods to maintain and restore body wave wig is necessary.

3. How To Maintain And Restore Body Wave Wigs?

Like real human hair, it is also extremely important to the condition of hair wigs. The following discussion will focus on how to maintain and restore body wave wigs.

1) Wash and a deep conditioning treatment regularly. After washing, hair wigs should be patted with highly absorbent, clean, dry towels to absorb excess water, then left hair wigs to air dry naturally. Wiping, rubbing dry furiously, or wrapping a hair wig tightly with a towel all will cause the most stress and even can damage the hair wig.

2) Use a wide-tooth comb to brush a completely dry hair wig from the hair roots to the hair ends gently. Don't brush the hair, it can cause stretching and breakage.

3) The use of essential oils massage can also care and add moisture to hair wigs. Then put some mousse on the hair wig, mousse helps shape and set the hair.

4) Useless heat-styling hair tools. Women use these days such as blow-dryers, ceramic straighteners, and curling irons, etc. All of these can cause heat damage to hair wigs.

5) When the curls of body wave hair wigs are not as wavy as they first seem. People can use a curling iron to create a new different wavy style. Set the hair curlers on low or medium heat to protect the body wave hair wigs from damage. Don't go over 180 degrees centigrade.

4. A Substitute For Body Wave Wigs - Loose Deep Wave Wigs

The body wave hair is more natural but also is easy to become loose. If people are afraid to lose the body wave hair weaves and don't want to make time for curling it. Choosing loose deep wave wigs to replace is a good choice. The name of the loose deep wave hair is similar to loose wave and deep wave. But in appearance, they are totally different curls. Some people always confuse the loose deep wave hair with body wave hair, they think these two hair textures look similar. In fact, the curls of loose deep are fuller and tighter. The curls of loose deep wave hair are all in one direction and more regularly. A traditional way of shaping loose deep wave hair is using heat and moisture with hair curls. The curls of loose deep wave hair will be deeper and longer-lasting than body wave hair. The shape of loose deep wave hair is also fashionable and has a richer three-dimensional feeling.

Loose Deep Wave Wigs

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