Jan 12, 2024 1:54:53 AM

How To Remove Glue From Lace Wig

The lace wig is one of the most popular types among wig lovers, which is easy to wear and can be styled variously. Usually, you install the lace wig in the glueless style which is simple and comfortable. However, one of the challenges of installing a lace wig is removing the glue residue when sometimes you need to glue down the wig for a more secure fit. Improper removal methods and products can often lead to damage/ breakage/ shedding. Lace is very fragile and delicate, and you even need to be extra careful and gentle if your unit is HD lace. Taking an effort is better than ruining your unit. Each unit is a valuable investment. So how to get the glue residue that is left on the lace removed from the unit safely and quickly?

Here come the step-by-step instructions to help you remove glue residue.

Step 1: remove the unit down

Rinse a towel in warm water and use that towel to wet the lace glue area on your forehead, to tear the lace wig gently away from your head. And it is better to take the lace wig down from backward to forward, as this will reduce the tension applied to the delicate lace part.

Step 2: soften the lace part

Turn your lace wig inside out to expose the residue-covered area. Soak the wig's lace part to soften the glue residue until it is softened.

Step 3: swipe down the glue residue

Use a soft-bristled brush/soft cloth to gently scrub away the remaining glue residue in the same downward direction. Be careful with your strength and do not pull the lace material.

If there still are stubborn glue residues that don't budge, use a cotton ball soaked wet in isopropyl alcohol to swipe the stubborn glue residue spot.

Step 4: clean the wig as usual

Rinse the lace part with cool water. Note: do not rub the lace part as it leads to tangling.

Then you can clean the wig continuously according to your routine.

Following the above tips, you can remove the glue residue from your lace wig safely and effectively. Always remember to be patient and gentle when removing the glue residue. Rubbing or pulling can damage the lace and tangle the hair strands.

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