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Which is better, a short wig or a long wig?

When it comes to wigs, there are two main lengths to choose from: short wigs or long wigs. Different wigs allow wearers to buy the ideal length that suits their style, taste, and preferences.


We first need to know the hardware conditions of our face and the functional characteristics of long and short hair, and then add our own preferences to make choices that enhance our strengths and avoid our weaknesses.


Short wigs

Short wigs have a lot of advantages and are an ideal choice for some women.

1.One of the advantages of a short lace front wig is that it is easier to create a fluffy sensation onthe top of the skull and modify the shape of the top of the head.

Compared to long hair, short hair reduces the gravitational pull and shifts the center of gravity upwards, making it easier to create a fluffy air feel. It has a powerful decorative effect on the forehead and skull top.


2.The second advantage of a short wig is that it enhances the lower half of the face.

Width and narrowness exist through relative comparison, and short lace wigs can modify the face shape according to the principle of wide top and narrow bottom. A square face is one with square jawbones or large cheeks. By using the principle of a wide top and narrow bottom, the upper part of the temporal bone can be widened by short hair styling, so that the lower part of the face looks narrower.


3.The third advantage of a short wig: strengthening the facial features

Short hair focuses people's attention more on facial features, and the theoretical derivation is also the same. The entire area of our face, from the hairline to the chin, is constant, and the size of our facial features is also constant. If we use hair to cover a part of the face, it is equivalent to reducing the facial area, and the proportion of facial features will increase. That is to say, by using short hair styling to cover a portion of your face, your facial features will become relatively larger, thereby strengthening them.


4.The fourth advantage of short wigs: changing the head-to-body ratio


The head-to-body area ratio refers to the proportion of the head area to the entire body area. Note that this not only refers to the vertical height but also includes the horizontal width. The loose and fluffy long hair undoubtedly increases the area of the head and face, reduces the head-to-body area ratio, and in other words, it appears wider and shorter. Asians generally have a head-to-body ratio of seven, which means they have a head-to-body ratio of seven. However, clothing models generally have a head-to-body ratio of 8.5 or above, which is much higher than the average person. Therefore, models look good in their clothes.


Generally, short hair is concentrated at the top of the forehead, which can increase height and make it look more energetic and upright. The overhead curling of long hair can also have an increasing effect.


5.The fifth advantage of short wigs: is cost savings


If your budget is limited, we recommend short 13 by 4 wigs!


You can save on the cost of short wigs by using fewer products and causing less harm. For example, a bottle of hair care products will last longer - the shorter the wig, the less shampoo and conditioner you need. Shorter wigs are less likely to be exposed to the weather than longer wigs, so they will last longer and will not break quickly.


Long Wigs


The optimal length of long hair lace wig is usually below the shoulder and half the width of the upper arm.

1.One of the benefits of long hair: feminization


Nowadays, one important aspect of the public's appreciation of women's beauty in life is their femininity. With this in mind, long hair will win the support of many women. Indeed, it is true that a young girl who is just beginning to fall in love has never had the longing for herself to have "long hair floating". If you lose your hair, a long wig can significantly enhance your confidence.


2.The second benefit of long hair: easy to take care of

Although it is convenient to clean short hair, it requires careful pruning and cares to create a concave shape. In this regard, considering one's living conditions, it may cause many mushrooms to sigh and stop. The best example is that for girls studying abroad, if they have short hair, they often have to go to a barbershop for pruning, and the time and economic costs are definitely higher than for long hair.


3.The third benefit of long hair: ease of restyling


The shape of short hair is relatively fixed, while the shape of long hair is easy to change. Long affordable human hair wigs can be shawl hair, ponytail, ball head, curled hair, braided hair, etc. according to the occasion or needs, which is more attractive for young people who are seeking novelty and change.


4.The fourth benefit of long hair: covering the shoulders and neck


Long hair drapes over the shoulders while covering up the defects of the shoulders and neck, so women with thick necks and rounded shoulders can use long hair for decoration.


Of course, there are other benefits, but here are only the main points.


Short and long hair have advantages and disadvantages, we can choose the most suitable one according to your needs.


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