Oct 5, 2023 5:32:38 PM

How To Moisturize the Human Hair Wigs?

Do you know how to moisturize natural hair? What about human wigs? Although the texture of wigs and natural hair is similar, there are differences between moisturizing natural hair and wig.

Hair absorbs nutrients from human blood to keep healthy. But human hair lace wigs, can't get any oil from the scalp, so they lack the necessary nutrition and moisture to keep the luster. In life, cold weather, wind, and low humidity will remove the original moisture on the wig, making the soft wig curly and dry. Now is the time to learn how to keep wigs moist.

A human hair wig is like a treasure. If you only take money from it and don't put it in the treasury, it will be emptied sooner or later. Unless we have the help of products, we will not be able to seal the moisture in the wig.

Use A Water-Based Moisturizer

Feeding wigs with water is the best way to increase the water content. But you can't water your hair like flowers. The moisture will dry quickly, and it is not feasible to soak the wig in water or keep it wet all day. Therefore, it is better to use moisturizer or spray.

Some wig moisturizers are oil-based. It can preserve the original moisture content, but it cannot increase the moisture content in the hair.



Apply Moisturizing Conditioner To Your Hair

After washing the hair, please squeeze the excess water with your hands, and then evenly apply the appropriate moisturizer at the end of the hair. Be careful not to smear it on the scalp. Then, wait three to five minutes. If you take the wig off your head when you wash your hair, it is no problem to soak your hair in the conditioner for several hours.

Comb the curly human hair wig with a wide tooth comb and wash the hair with cold water.

Air-dry hair naturally

The natural drying of hair takes a long time, and putting wet hair outdoors is likely to damage the wig. If you wash your hair without taking off your wig in the shower, please dry the root of the wig or the wig attached to the scalp to prevent the wet hair from causing a headache.

However, setting aside enough time to deal with these things before going to bed and washing your hair two hours before going to bed can solve this problem, and you can take good care of your wig. Put the wig on the wig head in the bedroom, it will dry in the morning, and it will also keep moist.



Designing a good hairstyle is also a way to keep hair moist.

Braid Or Twist Hair Up

Braids or twists can lock in moisture and help keep hair soft. You don't need to do many braids or twists, just a big braid or twist. However, for better sleep and better water retention, you can divide your hair into seven to eight equal parts and braid it. If you like straight hair and don't want to affect the hairstyle effect in the daytime, you can untie the braid at night, so that it won't affect the hair style too much.

Pineapple Hair

If you like fluffy hair, or you want to have more hair, try this hairstyle. It essentially combs your hair into a loose ponytail, which can protect your hair from being messy, because it is to make all your hair concentrate in the center of your head. When you take it off, the hair hidden inside is exposed and looks flawless.

Pull your hair to the top of your head and tie a ponytail, and then fix it with a satin scarf. It doesn't need to be too tight. This is done, as simply as you think.