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How To Cut A Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs are designed for natural looks and also are quite popular among wig wearers. Not only the lace front wigs are gorgeous and natural-looking, but also they are easy to style and provide multiple hairstyles. Cutting a lace front wig is a simple way to prepare your unit for installation. With just a few easy steps and a couple of tools, you can make the lace frontal blend in with your hairline undetectably.

Just be careful when you cut the excess lace off. Remember: you can always cut more off, but what you've already cut off can't be put back!

One rookie mistake is simply getting rid of all of the excess lace that doesn't have hair sewn on it. But the fact is cutting the lace too short doesn't give the lace enough room to be laid against the forehead flatly. The risk of lace being lifted off of your forehead may show up. Besides, you also need a little bit of the excess lace to glue down the lace frontal. Under ideal conditions, you should leave the excess lace at the width of half of the fingernail at least.

Another rookie mistake is cutting the lace into a plain and straight edge. On the contrary, you definitely should choose a jagged edge that will look so much more natural.

A secretive tip is to optimize the hairline before cutting the lace. Though most of the wigs come pre-plucked already, you still may need to pluck a little more for a better fit.

Cutting the lace has the following major steps.

Step No.1: try on the wig

Try on the wig and adjust it in the correct position (the lace hairline is slightly in front of your natural hairline). And secure it stay on stably and flatly so it won't slip while you trim it.

Step No.2: trim the ear tabs

Part the hair that is above your ears by using the pointy end of a rat-tail comb.

And leave the small tabs parts of the wig over the ears out.

Then cut around the shape of your ear using a pair of scissors and remove the tab you cut off.

Step No.3: cut the lace

It is recommended to cut the lace in sections. Make several cuts to the lace until you achieve the desired length you want to leave for the frontal. Once again, under ideal conditions, you should leave the excess lace at the width of half of the fingernail at least.

Then pull the lace tight to cut the lace sections that you just divided by cuts slowly along the hairline.

Note: avoid cutting the lace into a "perfect" straight edge.

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