How to buy a wig of satisfactory length

May 10, 2023 7:36:00 PM

How to buy a wig of satisfactory length

Nowadays, Fewer people are going to shops to buy wigs and more are choosing to buy them online Since you can't try it on yourself, you might end up with an unsatisfactory wig; Communicating with the seller about return and exchange is not only a waste of time, but also particularly troublesome, Maybe the color, texture, lace is different from what the model shows, and you'll find that the length may not be the same as expected.

The range of lengths of wigs on the market

The shortest wig on the market has a 6-inch pixie wig, and a straight hair wig can reach 40 inches, Wig companies sell 8-30 inches wigs all year round, The most commonly purchased length is 12 to 24 inches. You can refer to this hair length chart to see where your hair will land on your body.

lengths of wigs


The lengths of wigs mentioned above generally fall into three categories: short, medium, and long.


Short BOB Wigs: (8-14in)

Generally8-14 inches we call bob wigs, There is also an even shorter 6-inch Bob-pixie wig, Daisy in the Great Gatsby and Hepburn's princess in Roman Holiday, with their short pixie haircuts, are classic screen figures, It's very modern and retroAnd now it's back in style.





The hair strands of An 8-inch Bob are usually just below your ears, past your chin, This type of haircut can add a very lively and youthful vibe to a person, Like Mathilda in the killer's not-too-cold, cool and cute. If you're a middle-aged woman, Check out Anna Wintour's decades-long classic hairstyle, Gives a person a mature and able temperament.


Among Bob wigs, 10-12 inches is the most popular length, with 10 inches just above the collarbone and 12 inches near the collarbone. If you want a medium and shortcut, a 14-inch Bob can help you achieve that. When you wear it, it grows to your shoulders.



bob wigs


Medium Length Wigs ( 16-24in)

This is the most common hair length if you're walking down the street, whether it's natural hair or wearing a wig. Compared to the short Bob wigs, There are more styling possibilities. And Easier to maintain than a long-length wig





Long Hair Wigs (26-40in)


There shouldn't be anyone who doesn't like more than 24 long-inch wigscan do a lot of different styles, Whether it's a sumptuous updo hairstyle and princess curls, or a crisp high ponytail, the length offers endless styling possibilities.

How to measure the length of the wigs

The length of the wig is not measured by the length of a strand of hair. but measured by the length from the head spin to the longest hair at the bottom. Wave wigs( Deep/Loose Deep/Water/Curly) need to be stretched straight to measure the length. with the same length of the wig, straight hair will have a longer visual effect than wave hair. Especially the curly ones with the deepest curvature.

how to measure the length

Some things to consider when choosing hair length for a wig

The purpose of buying a wig: If you are a beginner, want to test the quality of different brands, or want to do a dye test, Bob wigs are a good choice, if the effect is not ideal, the loss cost is the lowest.

Time for routine maintenance: The longer the size of the wig, the more time it takes to maintain, if you are a busy office worker, or need more time to take care of children, it is not recommended that you buy an extra long inch( more than 24in)

Budget:·the longer the wig length is, the more expensive the unit will be. General 2-inch wig difference, visual effect difference is not particularly large, you can follow up the choice according to the budget


Now that you know how to measure the length of a wig, and the visual effect of the various curves on the length, to get the right length, Sometimes, the best thing to do is to try a few different lengths of the wig to see which one suits you.

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