How To Apply Your Human Hair Lace Part Wig?

Jul 24, 2020 8:31:21 PM

How To Apply Your Human Hair Lace Part Wig?

Have you ever heard of lace part wigs? In fact, it is a kind of lace wig, but the position of lace is different. The following will introduce the way to apply the lace part wig, hoping to help you.

The front of the lace part wig comes as a middle part. It's actually not bad at all, but the inside of the wig you should get an elastic band attached to, and two combs on the front by the temple and another comb in the back with adjustable straps.

As for the material on the cap, it's like a stretch mesh material so that's really good for you ladies that have a big head so this week the stretch on your big head alright.

Wearing Steps:
1.If the real hair is near the chin, it is recommended to wrap the real hair with a hairnet first, because the elasticity of the hairnet is very good, to avoid loosening in the movement, the edge of the net must be fixed with a hairpin to ensure that the human hair wig will not fall off.

2.The closing position of the hairnet should be placed on the back of the head, fixed with a hairpin, and then gently patted with the hand to make the real hair more natural. If the real hair is more, you can braid it into a braid, fix it in the back of the head with a hairpin, and then put on the hairnet, which is more natural.

3.After opening the lace part wigs package, hold the lace wig’s inner net with one hand and shake it gently, so that the fluffy effect of the new hair will be better and It's more natural when you wear the human hair wig.

Because human hair wigs are packed directly after making out, so the hair will be more neat and comfortable, shaking or use a few times will appear more fluffy and natural.

Special reminder: please don't comb curly hair. If you like the effect of fluffy curly hair, you can also comb along with the curl with your hand when shaking.

4.At the beginning of the treatment, there will be some floating hair. These are loose parts of the knitting process, which will not appear after several times of care.

5.After taking care of the lace part wig, first adjust the adjusting combs behind the inner net of the wig. It is recommended to adjust it to the outermost row first, and then wear it to feel the tightness. If you feel too loose, remove the wig and adjust it to a suitable position before wearing it.

6.When wearing, it is recommended to find out the position of the hairline from front to back, and then pull the lower part of the head back. Pull the inner net to the hair root near the neck and wrap all the hairnets.

Then adjust the linings on both sides of the ear to ensure that the lace part wig is placed accurately and symmetrically.

For hairline, you can cut a little bit of lace in the place where the human hair wigs are positioned, and then make it more appropriate with your scalp. Finally, apply a little liquid foundation to make it look more natural.

The method of human hair wigs wearing is almost the same, the most need to pay attention to is the usual care and the first time to wear.

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