How Can We Repair The Messy Curly Hair Wig?

Oct 14, 2021 12:01:00 AM

How Can We Repair The Messy Curly Hair Wig?

WEST KISS has many kinds of curly hair wigs that are very popular with everyone, and the repurchase rate is very high. But curly hair wigs will be prone to some minor problems after using them for a long time. Today's article is to introduce some coups to repair your curly hair wig so that your curly hair wig can be used longer.

1. Why did you choose a curly hair wig?

Most girls who love beauty know that curly hair is one of the most popular hairstyles. Why do people prefer curly hair compared to other hairstyles? I think there should be many different answers to this question.

(1) Curly hair is very fashionable, closer to the original African hair.

(2)Curly hair looks plump and thick. You can make a lot of different styling with curly hair.

(3)You can dye many colors and it will look more natural and beautiful.

curly hair wigCurly hair wigs

2. Why do you feel so vexed with curly lace front wig?

There is no doubt that a girl with curly hair is really beautiful. But the hardships that must be paid behind the beauty are beyond your imagination. No matter how beautiful a curly wig is, it will face various problems. Do you think so? Here below I will list some examples for your reference.

There are many rules if your hair is curly. In most cases, you cannot comb your hair with a normal comb, and you cannot comb your hair very frequently. You can't comb it often, because combing can easily change the curly hairstyle and loosen your curls. Usually, you can only choose to clean it with your hands. Because you can't comb it often, curly wigs are always easy to knot. This is really one thing everyone hates. Once it starts to knot, you will blindly try to fix it, and then there will be more hair loss and more knots, and the hair will become more frizzy. Anyway, the trouble will get more and more.

blonde wigsblonde wigs

3. So how can we repair the messy curly hair wig?

Curly wigs will dry out because they dont have the nutrient supply from the roots. No one can change this process. How long it will be smooth depends on the daily care, reduce the number of shampoos, reduce wind and sun, and do more Baked oil, pour the film, spray more nutrient solution, and shampoo as far as possible to follow the hair and do not rub, so as to extend the use time of the wig. Next, I will introduce you to the detailed method:

1). Washing

Curly wigs need to be washed with running water when washing. Normally, it is cleaned once every 7-15 days, because real human hair will not release oil after it is separated from the human body. Usually, cleaning is only for washing dust and stains. Wash with warm water when washing, which can protect the hair. When washing, it should be washed slowly without rubbing hard. You can use supplementary products such as conditioner and shampoo. After washing, wrap it in a towel and spray it with a special care solution. Then hang it in a ventilated place to air-dry. Don't expose it to the sun.

2). Combing

The wig must be combed before use. After putting on the wig, you only need to comb it a bit. For combing wigs, it is generally better to choose a sparse comb. When combing wigs, you should use the method of diagonal combing, not straight combing, and the action should be light. Some people like to clip the wig with a hairpin. However, do not clip your hair too hard. Otherwise, the net cover of the wig will be easily broken. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, but use decorative headbands to fix the hair on the wig. When combing a longer wig, divide the wig into several lengths, comb it from bottom to top, it must be light and patient.

3). Wig storage

Many people think that wigs that are not in use need not be taken care of. In fact, this concept is very wrong. The longer the wigs are stored, the more meticulous care they need, because the wigs stored for a long time will also cause problems! So do you know how to store wigs properly?

(1) For washed wigs, if you don’t need to wear them often, you should also spray a little (don’t spray too much) hair oil;

(2) After the wig is completely air-dried, the washed wig needs to be covered with a hairnet, and the wig needs to be placed in a sealable bag with good air permeability (the bag needs to have a small round hole), if there is no such bag, you can also put it in Ordinary plastic bags, use a needle to pierce the bag with a few holes;

(3) Washed wigs should be stored in a dry place.

The above is the coup I can provide for you to take care of a curly hair wig. If you want to buy a curly hair wig after reading it, come and buy it at WEST KISS!

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