FAQs About Human Hair Wigs For Beginner

Mar 21, 2021 8:23:25 PM

FAQs About Human Hair Wigs For Beginner

I believe that becoming beautiful is a goal that many women have pursued throughout their lives and will never be satisfied. There are many ways to become beautiful. Make-up can make you exquisite. Wearing good-looking clothes can make you look clean and beautiful. Some people also use human hair wigs to enhance their temperament and transform themselves into a different beauty.

If you are a novice who is very interested in human hair wigs, then I guess you must have a lot of questions about wigs to answer. Let's follow me to learn together.


  • How Long Does a Human Hair Wig Last? 
  • How Do I Measure My Head-Size For a Human Hair Wig? 
  • How Do I Install a Human Hair Wig?  
  • How Do I Select Human Hair Wig Color?
  • How Do I Wash a Human Hair Wig?  

How Long Does a Human Hair Wig Last?

Every woman with a human hair lace wig hopes that the wig can be used for a long time, but there is no definite answer as to how long a human hair wig can last. Because the use time of wigs is related to many factors, such as wig's quality, cleaning methods, maintenance, frequency of use, and so on.

FAQs About Human Hair Wigs For Beginner

If you buy high-quality wigs, after proper care, human hair wigs can usually last for 1-2 years.

It should be noted here that if you buy a medium brown lace wig, transparent lace wig, HD lace wig, you need more careful care, because these laces are ultra-thin, if you don’t pay attention, you may get lace torn.

How Do I Measure My Head-Size For a Human Hair Wig?

Because not everyone's head circumference is the same, so the wig cap can be small, medium, and large.

Before measuring the data, please find a soft measuring tape. Then wrap the measuring tape around the hairline around your head, making sure that the edge of the measuring tape is close to the ears at both ends so that the data obtained is your head circumference. For the following other data, you can record the distance between each part in turn according to the method shown in the figure below, and then refer to the size information in the table to select a relatively suitable hair hat.

FAQs About Human Hair Wigs For Beginner

How Do I Install a Human Hair Wig?

To install the human hair wig, choose a different installation method according to whether it contains lace. If your wig is a headband wig or U part wig, you can easily wear it yourself. But if it’s a lace wig, such as lace front wig, closure wig, HD wig, try to go to the barbershop and let the barber help you wear it. Of course, he will charge a certain fee, but the wig processed by the barber will make you feel good. Wigs last longer and look more beautiful. If you are good at wearing a wig, you can also do it yourself.

The following is a simple way to wear a human hair wig for your reference:

1. Before wearing the human hair wig, I suggest you wash the wig first, because the wig is easy to get dirty during use, and the remaining industrial raw materials may infect the scalp and cause irritation.

2. Weave your hair into small braids and make it stick to the scalp as tightly as possible to get a better wearing effect.

3. Use an alcohol swab to clean the oil and dirt on the hairline; then put on a hair cap to separate the hair from the wig.

4. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you apply some scalp protectors on the hairline to reduce the irritation of the glue to the scalp.

5. Put the air-dried wig on your head, divide the direction of the wig according to your favorite position, apply glue to the place where the wing connects to the scalp, and heat it with a hairdryer to fix it. Then cut off the excess lace.

6. Next, you need to do the final trimming. You can apply some shades similar to the skin tone on the edges to reconcile; pick out a few hairline hairs and use them like baby hair after trimming to make the wig look more natural; Use a hot comb to get the hair effect you want.

How Do I Select Human Hair Wig Color? 

Different colors have different effects on the head. How can I choose the right wig color for myself? You can refer to the following suggestions:

FAQs About Human Hair Wigs For Beginner

1) Skin tone

As you age, your skin tone will gradually fade. Usually, we recommend that you choose a hair color that is the same as your skin tone or lighter, which will brighten your skin tone and make you look younger and more energetic.

2) Eye color

If your eyes are blue or green and other cool colors, then lighter colors will suit you better. Such as the color 27 wigs.

If your eyes are brown, it is recommended that you choose a darker wig color, such as the #1B wigs.

3) occasion

If you are going to some more formal and serious occasions, then there is no doubt that a dark wig will suit you well, it will make you look more mature and professional.

If you are going to a gathering of friends, you can try brighter colors, such as 99J wig and 613 wigs. Either elegant and charming, or exquisite sparkle, no matter which one will make people notice you quickly.

How Do I Wash a Human Hair Wig? 

Step 1: Use a special comb for wigs or a wide-tooth comb to gently comb the hair from end to end, dredge all knotted parts, and ensure that the fall of the wig is minimized.

Step 2: Wet the wig evenly with water, and apply some special conditioner for the wig in advance to nourish it. This can also reduce the irritation of the shampoo on the wig and keep the hair moisturized.

Step 3: After nourishing with conditioner for two or three minutes, rinse thoroughly with water from top to bottom. Start using shampoo and scrub gently. Then rinse off the shampoo thoroughly to reduce the shampoo remaining on the scalp.

FAQs About Human Hair Wigs For Beginner

Step 4: Apply the conditioner again to deeply moisturize the wig. As a result, you will find that washing in this way will make the wig more moist and soft. Rinse with water.

Step 5: Use a clean towel to absorb excess water, place the fake on a wig holder or lay it flat on the table to dry. Avoid using hairdryers, as overheated temperatures can cause damage to the wig.

The above is the daily cleaning method of human hair wigs. If your wigs are colored hair, you must pay more attention to the cleaning process. If you don't understand something, you can consult customer service.

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