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Dec 10, 2021 5:18:39 PM

Differences Between Deep Wave and Water Wave Hair

Human hair is getting more and more popular, especially among black women. Today we will focus particularly on the differences between deep wave and water wave hair with you and we hope it will help you when making your next choice on which one to choose.

What Is The Deep Wave Hair?

What Is The Deep Wave Hair?

The deep wave hair has classic and voluptuous waves. It technically has the same texture as the loose deep wave and body wave, the main difference is that deep wave hair has tighter curls compared to above. It will make your hair look luxurious and boost your hair appearance.

Deep Hair Waves Specificities

Deep Hair Waves Specificities:

- Made of 100% virgin human hair, which can be dyed, bleached, curled, and permed according to the result you are looking to achieve;

- Can last up to a year if taken care of properly;

- It is healthy and looks shiny and bouncy;

- All curls are in one direction;

- They come in different varieties to meet different requirements, such as deep wave Indian hair, Peruvian deep wave hair, and Malaysian deep wave hair;

Deep Waves Hair Benefits:

Give you a young look: deep waves can be achieved effortlessly and you will be carefree. It will make your hair look voluminous and have great texture;

Easy to maintain: if you are tired of taking care of your hair, this may be the best choice for you. It requires little maintenance and once you wash it, you can simply rejuvenate the waves with your fingers. Your hair will also look voluminous, which is a great advantage.

It's a fusion of two other curvy hairstyles: between straight and curly hair. On one hand, straight hair is limited in volume and it does not offer the best in terms of what it could achieve. On the other hand, curly hair is easy to be frizzy or tangled. This is why deep wave human hair wigs are a good idea, as they can give you the best of both styles from above.

What Is The Water Wave Hair?

What Is The Water Wave Hair?

Water wave hair has an articulated wave design that is woven nearer together. It is extremely smooth and flows like water. This style can offer you an elegant look.

Water Waves Hair Specificities:

- No tangle and no shedding made with 100% human virgin hair;

- Holds curls well for at least 12 months and can be dyed, bleached, curled, and permed;

- There are different options for the clients to choose from, including Indian water wave hair, Peruvian water wave hair, and Brazilian water wave hair;

- It offers a lot of volumes and it can blend perfectly with Brazilian curly hair;

- The curls are not in one direction but opposite direction;

Water Waves Hair Benefits:

High-quality: it can offer you a stunning wavy hairstyle. The hair is natural and shiny so you can modify it to achieve the deal look you wish. A water wave wig will also increase the volume of your hair, thus giving you a fresh look.

Soft, think, and voluminous: it is a thinker as it requires fewer human hair bundles to create a full-body look. The hair bundles give more fullness to the tapers and roots and only get thinner towards the ends of the wig.

Easy to maintain: it is very easy to maintain and it takes less time than grooming, but it will hold the new hairstyle for a long time.

Versatile: this type of hair is multipurpose. It is easy to style and dye it too. Moreover, you can also create any style you wish.

Long lifespan: it will last for at least 12 months if you take good care of it.

Difference between deep wave and water wave hair

Difference between deep wave and water wave hair:

- They have similar look. The main difference is that water wavesmake people look more curled;

- Although their patterns are similar, deep waves are neater;

- The deep wave hair has the curls positioned in the same direction hence the hair tends to look more romantic while the water wave hair has the curls positioned in opposite directions, hence it will offer the wearer density of up to 150% and will also blend in naturally with your hair;

Which choice is better between deep wave and water wave?

This is a preference question and everyone will have to make their choice based on what they are looking to achieve. If you want your style to look bomb then a water wave is a great choice. However, if you want to have a more delicate and adorable appearance, then deep wave hair is the one to go for. Both types are great but the one you will choose is dependent on the result you want to achieve.