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  • Wand Curls Lace Front Wigs Loose Curly Human Hair Wigs 180% Density

  • Need Wand Curls Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair? West Kiss Hair Has Loose Curly Human Hair Wand Curl Wig With 13x4 Lace Front / 5x5 Lace Closure For Sale. Buy Wand Curls On Wigs 14-22inches, 180% Density To Achive a Natural Looking Hairstyle.
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Customer Reviews

By M*******

The texture is absolutely amazing. I'm very happy with my purchase. The seller was active and gave me regular updates leading up to delivery and was very friendly and helpful. Thank you! 5/5!

By N***

Perfect! This seller communicates on point! This is true to length & and true to thickness. I have never had a bad experience with their hair ever. 10/10 recommend!

By H****

Amazing quality, perfect density, gorgeous texture. The vendor was very informative and kept me posted. Excellent customer service.

By T*******

I love it! I will purchase from them again and again! If you haven’t purchased this hair yet, you should! 100% recommend!

By V********

This hair is a bomb! Accurate length! Nice and full. Soft and beautiful. No smell. Minimal shedding. Totally worth it. I would definitely buy from this vendor again.

By G******

Surprised by how amazing this hair is and they kept in constant communication and kept me updated about my parcel, very friendly!

By B****

The hair is beautiful, soft and full. I recommend this company, 10 out of 10. They never disappoint me.

By C*****

The hair is wonderful and satisfied the order, I will definitely be ordering here again. Highly recommend!!!

By N*******

I am satisfied with my order. The hair is full, soft and silky, absolutely beautiful. Loveeee it!

By B****

The hair is beautiful. Great communication with the buyer. Everything was just splendid! Very impressed.
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Product Details
Brand Name West Kiss
Human Hair Type Lace Frontal Wigs; 5X5 Lace Closure Wigs
Hair Texture Wand Curls Wig; Loose Curly Wig
Hair Color Natural Black
Lace Material Swiss Lace
Processing time This Wig Needs 3-7 Business Days To Customize.
Delivery Time Normal 2-5 Working Days Arrive After Shipping
This new wand curls lace front wig style is inspired by the flexi rods on natural hair styles. The final look is so natural and chic.
Once applied the flexi roads on natural hair, the voluminous wand curls showed up, it is a perfect choice for high density wig lovers. The big, bouncy, glam loose curly is the most natural looking wig style for your choice. You can achieve 2 wig styles from this wig style. Style 1 : the curls will be just the same as the pic shows when you get the wig; Style 2 : when you combed the wig, the curls will be bigger and kind of irregular, it looks like the wig comes with more dense. ( Once the wig combed out, you can always use flexi roads to the wig to help it come back to the wand curls style you want )
1) How To Wash a Wig
Detangle your wig gently by using a wide tooth comb.
Curly wigs should be untangled by hands, no combs or brushes.
Fill a basin or a container with cool water and mix in a bit of shampoo and conditioner.
Immerse your wig and swirl it around gently.
Let it soak for about 5 minutes.
Rinse your wig by gently running cool water over it. Do not rub as it will tangle up the wig.
Pat dry with towel. Do not wring or rub, as again, it will mess up the wig.
Place your wig on a wig stand and leave it to air dry.
Q1: There is shedding when I wash my wig, is that normal?
Yes, you might have some shedding when wash the wig, especially in wavy human hair wigs. When you wash the wigs, it is very normal that the hair might loose from the tracks, then those loosed hair will be removed during the wash, that’s where the shedding hair comes from.
Q2: Can I flat iron my human hair wigs?
Yes, our wigs are 100% human hair wigs, it can be restyled by flat iron. It is better to use hear protectant before styling your wig and we do suggest you guys flat iron your wig in high temperature with caution. For colored hair, 350F degrees is the suggest temperature; Flat iron your wig in temperature above 400F degrees is not suggested for natural black hair since it will caused the dryness of the wig. Meantime, please be aware of that be sure to Leave the hot tools on your wig for no more than 30 seconds. Tips: When curling or straighten your wig with hot tools, please clean your tools in time to avoid there have few loose hair on the tools. It is normal that there have loose hair as well as you clean up the hot tools when restyling.
Q3: Is it okay if I sleep with my wig?
We don’t suggest you guys sleep with the wig since it might would cause the tangling. Wearing a satin bonnet when sleeping will helps prevent the shedding if you’re not convenient to take off the wig when sleeping.
Q4: When is the time that I need to wash my wig?
When is the time that you need to wash your wig mainly based on how often you wear your wigs. Washing your wig twice every week is highly recommended on average for a daily use basis, so as to maintain the wig hydrated and help remove the bulid up, any bacteria from the lace. If there are special occasions, it is time to wash your wig before at night and allow it to air dry at the airy place over night. after all washing steps, Be sure to offer the wig a deep condition.
Q5: How do I store my wig when I’m not wearing it?
For a long time storage, we suggest you put the wig in a satin bag and put it in a cool, dry area. For short time storage, we suggest you put the wig on a mannequin head or a wig standard.
Q6: Do I need to wash my wig before wearing it?
You don’t have to but we strongly suggest your wash the wig before wearing it, especially for the wavy human hair wigs. There will be some loose hair left in the wig since our wigs are made by human hair and lace during the manufacturing process. Those fallen hair was not shedding, wash the wig before wearing it can help remove these fallen hair to avoid tangling occurs. Meantime it helps moisturize and hydrate your wig when preparing to wear it.