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Jun 23, 2020 2:28:28 AM

The Standard Of Choose And Buy Curly Lace Front Wigs

In modern times, the matching of wigs has become a trend and fashion. In daily life, more and more people wear wigs to match clothes or make up for their lack of hair. And the choice of wig is the same as buying clothes, also have certain standard and requirement. Now, Let me introduce to you how to choose when buying human hair wigs.

1. The material

In East Asia, ancient people made wigs out of human hair or silk thread.

In Ancient Egypt, ancient Europe, wigs are made of human hair, horse hair, wool and other animal hair and plant fibers, which the wig made of Brazilian human hair is the most expensive.

Today, wigs are made of nylon, fiberglass, rayon and other materials as well as natural and chemical materials.

For example, some wigs, like the curly lace front wigs in Westkiss Shop are Swiss lace with High Quality 100% virgin hair wigs, and Best lace wigs. Although our wigs are 100% human hair, our wigs are cheap and of good quality, then you can buy them here with confidence.

2. Design

Nowadays, wigs have become an ornament, and the use of wigs for decoration has become a fashion. Judge whether a hairpiece is popular, whether be liked by people, basically be the design that sees stylist whether follow tide, whether accord with public aesthetic.


For example, curly lace wigs are popular in the market , which makes more natural and closely resemble the color of your skin. In addition, you can choose different lengths from your needs, such as 18 inches, 20inch, 30inch. In this way, they will look more natural and have various colors. Customers can choose on the based of their skin type, popular colors and their preference. Due to curly style, the wearer appears more fashionable and sexy.

3. The headgear

The choice of headgear is also key to choosing a wig. First, you need to know the size of a wig you wear. Forehead to nape, ear to ear across the forehead, ear to ear top head, temple to temple round back and nape of the neck.

After being measured clearly, you can choose the headgear and the wig you like.

For example, this curly lace front parting wig is composed of Swiss lace. The former lace is 13×4 or 13×6 deep parting, head cover both sides, back has combs, elastic caps and adjustable straps.

4. After-sales service

Wig belongs to commodity, should enjoy policy of return change. So before customers buy again to ask the return time, whether free mail. When you receive the lace front wig, if you find it inappropriate, you can communicate with customer service agent.

For example, WestKiss mall promises to return and replace  human hair lace wigs in 15 days.

Any question, you can leave a message.

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