The Different Between Body Wave Wigs VS Straight Wigs

Jan 8, 2021 12:40:29 AM

The Different Between Body Wave Wigs VS Straight Wigs

  Nowadays, more and more people start to like to wear wigs. To cater to the needs of the public, various types of wigs are also introduced on the market.

  Wigs make you beautiful and at the same time provide you with a variety of styling opportunities. Different types of wigs have different effects. You can switch wigs of different colors, lengths, and curvatures anytime and anywhere, allowing you to constantly transform into a brand new style. This relieves a lot of psychological burden for those who have thinner hair or who have hair loss.

  Today in this article I will share with you the knowledge about body wave wigs and straight hair wigs.

What will be discussed in this article:

Body Wave Wigs

  Body wave wigs are wavy-shaped wigs produced by curling hair to a greater extent. This body wave wig curls from the ears or chin to the end, showing the shape of the letter "S", which looks loose. This curly lace wig is very popular among women. Almost all women have such a fashionable and beautiful body wave wig.

 The Different Between Body Wave Wigs VS Straight Wigs

Benefits of Body Wave Wigs

  Body wave wigs can show different visual effects on different occasions and different people.

  Body wavy wigs are loosely curled, which will make it look larger. Coupled with the wavy "S" appearance, it may appear wild and sexy. Many women choose to go to parties or other more elegant occasions wearing body wave wigs, you can see that the effect is very good from the eyes of others.

  The big wave shape of this wig is impressive, looks very natural and mature. Another reason for the popularity of body wave wigs is that they are suitable for everyone, no matter what kind of face or temperament, they can control it perfectly.

  With decent makeup and clothes, you will become the most fashionable and beautiful woman in the crowd in minutes.

Straight Wigs

  I believe everyone is familiar with straight wigs, so I don't need to explain too much. It is no frizz, no curly wigs, also known as fine hair, which will look more natural, healthy, authentic, and attractive. If you can have a thick jet-black shawl with straight hair, it looks like a black waterfall hanging in the air, smooth and beautiful.

The Different Between Body Wave Wigs VS Straight Wigs

Benefits of Straight Wigs

  Straight wigs also emit different aura effects according to the temperament of different people. If you are a more gentle person, then you will probably choose long straight hair, because your life does not seem to need to undergo too much change. Long straight hair will look very regular when worn on your head, which is also in line with your gentleness. If you are a very straightforward person, short straight hair will highlight your unique personality better than long straight hair.

  A large part of the popularity of straight wigs is that it is relatively easy to clean and maintain, and it is easier to create hairstyles.

The Difference Between Body Wave Wigs and Straight Wigs

The Different Between Body Wave Wigs VS Straight Wigs

1. Body wave wigs makes people look younger because the curvy shape of body wave wigs makes people softer and looks more natural. For straight hair, the style is very good, because there is less processing, you can change the look of your straight hair at will. After perm or dyed in other colors, the straight hair can maintain good condition.

2. Straight wigs are easier to maintain than a body wave wig. Body wave wig is easier to frizz, and it is prone to hair knotting. Naturally, it is necessary to be more careful and troublesome in combing and maintenance. The straight wig is relatively easy, as long as the hair is not tangled, a very small comb can be used.

3. Fluffy body wave wigs are usually larger than straight wigs, so you don't have to buy more hair bundles just because you want your hair to look denser, which can be considered savings.

4. Straight wig is a hairstyle that many young and innocent students like. Straight wigs will show different appearance effects depending on the temperament of the person, either gentle or very individual. body wave wig is a hairstyle that almost every woman will try in her life. This hair shows a romantic and charming temperament, which makes people full of grace.

5. Different hairstyles modify different face shapes. Short straight hair can modify a round face and look alive by covering the contours of the face. But if you have a square face, avoid using straight hair, because straight hair will overly highlight the angle of your face. body wave wig is a good choice for every face shape, especially long faces. It will visually increase the width of the face horizontally and modify and beautify our imperfect face.

How to Wash and Care For Human Hair Wigs?

The Different Between Body Wave Wigs VS Straight Wigs

Wigs, like our hair, need to be carefully cleaned and maintained to keep the wigs in good condition and prolong the service life of the wigs. The next content is to introduce you to how to properly wash and care for human hair wigs.

1. First of all, prepare the items used for washing and care, including high-quality shampoo, suitable conditioner, hair care oil, wide-tooth comb, and clean towel.

2. Before cleaning the wig, it is best to use a wide-toothed comb or fingers to slowly dredge the wig from bottom to top to reduce hair loss caused by tangled hair during subsequent cleaning.

3. Wet the hair evenly with warm or cold water. Be careful not to use hot water, as it may damage the hair.

4. You can evenly apply the shampoo to the wig and gently massage and wash it, or you can put the wig into the shampoo solution and soak for 5-10 minutes before rubbing it.

5. After completely rinse off the shampoo with water, start applying the conditioner, leave the conditioner on the hair for a minute or two to fully moisturize the hair, and then rinse off.

6. Wrap the wig with a clean towel, pat dry the moisture on the hair gently, and hang it on the wig rack or lay it flat on a ventilated table to air dry. It is best not to use a hairdryer because the overheating temperature will damage the hair.

7. You can apply some essential oils to your hair to help your hair silky and shiny.

8. Remove the wig as much as possible when sleeping or swimming, because wearing a wig while sleeping will make the hair knotted, and some chemicals in the pool will damage the hair and shorten the service life of the wig.

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