Introduction Of PU Thin Skin Wig

Aug 4, 2020 11:59:50 PM

Introduction Of PU Thin Skin Wig

The technique of making wigs is becoming more and more mature. Have you noticed that there are some new terms for lace wigs for sale? For example, U part wig, Pu thin skin wig, machine made wigs, lace part Wig and so on.

Are you familiar with these new types of wigs? Do you know their strengths and weaknesses? Today, I would like to introduce pu wigs to you. Different from the popular lace wigs for sale, pu skin base wig have their own advantages and disadvantages. Please learn from me!

  Introduction Of PU Thin Skin Wig

The Advantage Of PU Thin Skin Wig

 1.Provide real hairline

The hairline of human hair pu wigs has been specially treated. Since the wig is actually made from polyurethane (Pu), his hairline section looks more realistic.

 2.Allow hair to separate in any direction

If you choose this kind of wig, you can separate it as you want, because it's made of material, no matter what direction you spread it out, it won't embarrass you, it will show your natural scalp, which is our PU material.

3.Skin natural looking wig

When you put on that pu skin wig and go out on a date, your friends might not recognize that you're wearing a wig. Yes, it can be so real that even you can't tell the difference!

  Introduction Of PU Thin Skin Wig

4.More like real human scalp

Since this wig is actually made from polyurethane (PU), it looks more like your human scalp when you wear it!

5.Invisible knots, No bleaching needed

After you buy them at the mall, you don't need to go to the barber shop to get rid of the nodules because their knots are invisible and you don't need to bleach them.

6.It's much easier to remove the sticky residue because you don't have to struggle to remove the excess sticky residue from the lace wig.

  Introduction Of PU Thin Skin Wig

 In fact, pu skin base wigs, as a new kind of wigs, are more mature in technology. So, it has many advantages, such as provides longer bonding time,allow the hair to be coiled up,the replacement of silk base wig,no wig cap needed,no bald cap needed,exquisite upgrade technology and so on

The Disadvantage Of PU Thin Skin Wig

Of course, all things cannot be perfect, and Pu Wig has its own drawbacks

PU thin skin is airtight and may feel uncomfortable at warmer temperatures.