Aug 15, 2023 6:44:00 PM

Learn Some Knowledge About Split Ends of Wigs

It's a pity to throw away the human wig that is only worn once because of the split hair! When you encounter this problem, don't feel anxious, WestKiss hair company adheres to quality first, customers first to offer high-quality hair products for the customer! It will help you solve the problem of split hair.

How To Define Split Ends?

Just like its name, when you see a hair split into multiple ends, it means that the hair bifurcates. Generally speaking, it will happen at the same time with hair bifurcation, not just one piece. The hair will become dark, dry, curly, and rough before or when it splits. You can judge hair damage according to these phenomena.

Perhaps the difference in hair gloss is not obvious enough. There is another way to help you easily: see if the color of the hair ends changes. For black natural hair color, it is likely to gradually become yellow or gray, while blond hair prefers to be white. All this is due to skin damage.



What Causes Split Ends?

The split hair is caused by damage to the protective layer (cuticle) of the hair. When the cuticle is damaged, the inner layer of the hair will be exposed, so the hair will become dry and easy to crack. Bifurcation occurs only in natural hair and human hair wigs. Synthetic wig is different from the inner layer of natural hair, and it is not troubled by this problem.

This happens easily when the hair is stretched or subjected to high temperatures and chemicals used for coloring and modeling. On the other hand, lack of moisture, nutrition or trimming, and unnecessary friction are also the causes of hair bifurcation.

High Temperature & Lack Of Moisture

When the hair is exposed to high temperatures, the hair will become thinner and shrink. With time, the internal moisture will gradually decrease and finally crack like a baked potato. After peeling off the epidermis, the internal structure splits, which is what we see as split hair.

Due to the dry air and direct sunlight, the high temperature will make the hair lack water. Especially in summer, if no protective measures are taken for the hair, the strong ultraviolet rays will burn the hair. In winter, due to excessive use of heating tools, such as hair dryers and curlers, heat will still have an impact on the health of lace front wigs.

Lack Of Nutrients

The longer your hair is, the more likely it is to split.

You must protect your hair to make it stronger. However, human wigs have lost an important nutritional resource: scalp and hair roots cannot get any nutrition from your body. If you don't care about your hair and neglect to nourish the wig with hair conditioner regularly, the wig will become more and more fragile because it has less and less nutrition. Then, the outermost stratum corneum becomes fragile and cannot protect its inner layer, which eventually leads to fracture.

Chemicals Used For Coloring Human Hair Wigs

Colorful chemicals and colorants are squeezed into the cuticle to drive away the original hair color to achieve the desired color effect. It destroys the cuticle of the hair to a large extent.

Strong Stretch

Compared with the micro confrontation between articles, the strong pulling or stretching effect is worse.

How To Deal With Split Ends?

If your hair has split, there is no way to repair it except to cut off the split part.

You must know that hair bifurcations will not recover by themselves, and the situation will become worse as time goes by.

When you cut the split part of your hair, make sure your hair is dry. Because it is a great challenge to distinguish split hair from wet hair.



How To Avoid Split Ends Of Human Hair Wigs?

First, spray an anti-heat agent before using heating tools to protect hair from high temperatures. Secondly, the hair will split without any protection. You can also use the anti-heat spray to disperse ultraviolet rays before going out in the sun.

Second, reduce the use time of hair dryers. If time and conditions permit, it is best to let the wig dry naturally.

Third, use a moisturizing shampoo to wash your hair. Replace ordinary shampoo with special moisturizing shampoo for wigs. In addition, the moisturizing spray is also a good choice to add moisture to the hair.

Fourth, use oily hair conditioner. Oil-based hair conditioners can increase the flexibility of human lace wigs and better hair care.

Fifth, gently comb your hair with a wide toothcomb. When you buy curly wigs, especially wavy wigs, it is necessary to comb your hair with a wide tooth comb. The correct comb can not only maintain the perfect hairstyle but also gently comb the hair to avoid unnecessary damage caused by force.

Sixth, wrap your wig with a silk wig cap during sleep to reduce the friction between your hair and the bed during sleep. Silk pillowcases are also a good choice.