Sep 13, 2023 3:07:08 AM

How to cut wig bangs?


The same type of wig has been worn for a long time. Do you want to cut the bangs to change the style but can't start? This article teaches you 8 steps to easily have "air bangs", and you are not afraid to do it yourself.

Cutting your bangs and changing your hairstyle will refresh you and show your best features. It can also serve as a subtle help to blend your natural hair lines.



Essential tools


The barber shop is closed, but what should I do if I want to cut bangs for my wig?

Don't worry, it's better to rely on yourself than others, as long as you have a pair of scissors, a comb and a mirror, a small watering can with water, a hair dryer, and a few clips. You can cut your bangs at home!


Steps to cut bangs

1 Comb wigs

Before you cut your bangs, detangle your lace frontal wig to avoid knots or curls. Brush the hair from one side to the forehead, then use a comb to straighten this section of hair, making sure it's in the right place. We need to make a fringe from this part of the hair, if your wig has lace, you need to cut the lace with the eyebrow trimmer.


2 Spray bangs wet

We can put the wig on the head or put it on the wig stand, the hair is undone, the bangs are combed to the front, and then we can wet the bangs with a small watering can with water.


3 Divide the hair Of wigs

Use a fine-toothed comb to part the hair, using the top of the head and ears as the dividing line, and parting the hair on the left and right sides. Divide an isosceles triangle area at the top of the head. Then fix the rest of the wig with clips to avoid interference during shearing.



4 Blow-dry the hair and separate the small triangle

First, dry the wet bangs in the middle with a hair dryer.

Then divide a small isosceles triangle area from the middle of the original large isosceles triangle. Secure the rest with clips.


5 Straighten the bangs and cut them at the height of the middle of the nose.

Next is the critical time, flatten the bangs, almost in the middle of the nose, and cut them with scissors.


6 Both sides of the hair tail cut into a 45-degree angle

Then put down the hair that was caught on both sides, and comb it smoothly with a comb first.

Then cut the hair tail into a 45-degree angle, remember to be 45 degrees! This can skillfully modify the face shape. It should be noted here that when cutting, put the scissors flat first, cut the hair tail into a radian, and then stand up the scissors to modify the hair tail. In this way, the overall cut will not be too rigid.

And don't forget the other side too! After both sides are cut, be sure to look in the mirror to see if the lengths on both sides are the same.


7 Stereotypes

We can make stereotypes according to personal preferences. The blogger first puts foam styling mousse on the bangs, and then rolls the bangs with a curling iron.

Then use a hair dryer to set it with hot air. Don't rush to take off the curler after blowing, be sure to wait for three seconds to let it cool down before taking it off.


8 Done

After shaping, good-looking air bangs that modify the face shape is completed!

If you think it is too difficult to cut your wig bangs, we recommend you buy affordable wigswith bangs directly.


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