Jun 1, 2018 6:54:12 PM

How to Care for a Hair Weave

Hair weaves are a great way to add dimensions to your hair that you can't create with what you have now. They are typically used in styling to lengthen and strengthen hair that is too short or brittle to hold a certain style.

1. Wash the hair before application. This will remove any residue from processing. Avoid using cheap shampoos and hair products when you care for a hair weave because these tend to dry out the weave.

2. Distribute shampoos and conditioners evenly throughout the hair. Press any products into the weave, but avoid scrubbing or rubbing. Care for a Hair Weave Style by always being gentle with products and handling.

3. Use a quality spray-on conditioner that is meant to be left in. This will help keep the hair weave soft.

4. Air dry the hair weave when possible. Care for the hair weave as you would your own hair by avoiding too much heat and processing. It is very important to avoid using direct heat on the bonding strips of the hair weave. If at all possible, avoid using blow dryers on the hair weave at all.

5. Comb through the hair in the morning and evening with your fingers. Gently shake the hair to loosen curls and get rid of tangles. Using small toothed combs and brushes can pull and damage the hair weave.

6. Return to see your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks. Removing the hair weave will be necessary, as they tend to get old and dry. If you have braided hair weaves, as long as the stylist can see that your hair and the extension are still healthy, it may be alright to leave them in.

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