Feb 28, 2024 12:23:34 AM

How To Make A Ponytail With Weave

A flowy ponytail is one of the most popular and common hairstyles, which is not only chic but also keeps you cool during the hot summer. Now, with hair weaves, even if you have short hair can do such a look and rock this style. Girls, follow the below instructions, tips, and tricks in this article to know how to make a long ponytail with hair weaves and how to style it even if you have short hair.

Basic preparation:

1-2 pieces human hair weaves, hairbrush, flat iron, scrunchies, bobby pins, hair spray, edge brush

Steps to make a ponytail with weaves:

Step 1: straighten your natural hair

It is important to make sure your natural hair is smooth and tangle-free. You can use a flat iron to straighten your hair thoroughly to get a perfectly sleek look.

Step 2: tie a bun

Use your hairbrush and scrunchies to tie your straightened natural hair into a ponytail, and lay it as flat as possible. A high ponytail or low ponytail depends on your liking. (Tip: For more creative looks, you also can braid some of your natural hair before combing your natural hair into a ponytail.) And then wrap the ponytail around into a bun. Put another scrunchies on the bun and ties it tight.

Step 3: attach the hair weave

Usually, applying your bun with 1-2 pieces of human hair bundles that match your natural hair color is the most natural-looking effect. For the pattern of the weave, it is your choice, no matter sleek straight, or lovely wavy. Insert bobby pins at each side of the weave, and then secure one side of the weave into your bun with the bobby pin, and begin wrapping the weave around your bun in circular motions until the bun is no longer visible, and then, secure the other side of the weave into your bun with the bobby pin. Take a section of hair from the weave and wrap it over the ponytail for a clean and smooth look, which also will make the ponytail more natural and seamless.

Step 4: tame the frizzy hair

Spray your natural hair with some hair spray to make sure the hair stays in the bun without frizzy hair poking out. If you like baby hair to frame your face, you can leave some baby hair out and style it with an edge brush and hair spray for a cute look as well.

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