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How to choose the right lace wig length


What are the factors that determine whether you choose a long wig or a short wig? To judge whether you are suitable for "long hair" or "short hair", the key points are the following points, which have nothing to do with age.


Standard 1: The size of facial features

The wig length has a lot to do with our sense of facial features. Our human face is a 3D outline. You can't determine what hairstyle is suitable for you based on just one element. It depends on the overall sense of the weight of all facial features.

Let us talk about long frontal wigs first. Long hair has a relatively strong carrying capacity, which is suitable for girls with a lot of senses and five senses. And long lace wigs set the visual focus of the face at the bottom, which is very suitable for smooth chin angles, girls with nicer lips. All in all, if the advantage of your face is in the lower court, and your facial features are beautiful and elegant, then even if your facial features are relatively moderate, it is very suitable for long hair.

On the contrary, if your facial features feel relatively small, and the advantages of eyebrows and eyes are very prominent, then short hair is more suitable for you. Short hair has a high visual center of gravity, and the focus of the meeting face is concentrated on the upper atrium, more magnifying the flowing style of the eyes.

The influencing factor of neck length is relatively easy to ignore. Everyone's neck is different in length and length, so according to the difference in this aspect, decide whether you are suitable for long hair or short hair. For girls with thick and short necks, it is recommended that you are more suitable for some short hair, short hair that reaches the length of the collarbone. This is not to show your shortcomings. We can use dressing and matching skills to modify the neckline.

Of course, some girls have no flaws in their facial features, and their styles change a lot, so they look good whether they have long hair or short hair.

Standard two: face contour

Square face, pear-shaped face

For girls with square and pear-shaped faces, the center of gravity of the facial contour is at the bottom. Short wigs cannot be modified. Long hair will make the disadvantages of the face more obvious. Only short clavicle hair is the most popular. A simple Bob wig, the hairstyle is layered from the back to the bottom, and the inner button is designed at the end of the wig, so that the sweet and playful atmosphere can be exuded naturally. And the curvy hair with a slightly large radian can also dissolve the tough mandible outline, which is very beautiful.

The hairstyles for girls with round faces and diamond-shaped faces are mainly longitudinal stretching lines, while diamond-shaped faces need to cover the sunken temples. These two face shapes can be solved with a hairstyle idea, that is: short fluffy clavicle hair + obliquely parted bangs. Like this hairstyle, the hair creates a fluffy layer from the top of the skull, making the whole head fuller and stretching the face line vertically; oblique bangs across the face, quietly lingering on the highest cheekbones place, covering the depression of the temple; the inward buckling and outward turning of the hair ends are mixed with texture perm, and the gentle and feminine flavor is eloquently expressed in the texture-rich perm.

long faces

The visual center of gravity of girls with long faces is also lower, so they need concise short closure wigs to improve their focus. When trying short collarbone hair, they can be used together with bangs to reduce the forehead area and expand the volume of the face horizontally. The bangs must not be cut into thick bangs but should be thinned to create a sense of air and flow, to show a bit of laziness and casualness.

Long affordable wigs are suitable for girls with clear facial contours and no face problems. Long hair can make the hair fluffy and make the hair look better. But in fact, a long hairstyle is more picky about the personal temperament of the wearer.

Standard Three: Personal Temperament

Everyone's style and temperament are different. After the above screening, if you still can't decide which hairstyle is suitable for you, you can decide according to your temperament. Girls with capable styles can choose short wigs, and girls with charming styles can choose long wigs.

Standard Four: Height

If your height is less than 160, then we suggest that short wigs are very suitable for you. It avoids the procrastination of long wig styling. Short wig will make you look more temperament. It also has a very age-reducing effect when matched with your petite figure. Humanoid girls are also very popular. At present, many small actresses have also cut their hair short to make themselves look younger.

Of course, if you are taller, you can control long or short hairstyles. I hope this article can give you some ideas on choosing a hairstyle.


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