Nov 7, 2018 1:15:57 AM

How To Clean The Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

The lace front wigs seem to be familiar friends in our life, they are active attendees in the office, the ceremonious dancing party or the warm family dinner. So it’s more and more important to keep human hair wigs clean, if you would like to stay your lovely human hair lace front wigs for long time.

Here we provide some tips on how to properly wash the lace front wig:
Prepare high quality hair care product, include high quality shampoo and hair conditioner(don’t use standard hair care product from drugstore), a new towel. Before washing, brush wig remove teasing or tangles, and carefully clean the visible sundries.
Gently rinse with room temperature water, even using the cold water rather than boiling hot water, avoid the boiling water damage hair.

Using small drop high-quality mild shampoo to wet hair(avoid the scalp of lace area). Don’t scrub the knots of the area between lace and hair with hand or hard brush, since it may cause hair seriously shed;

Comb the hair from top to bottom using gentle downward, repeat several times in a soft rhythm. Don’t scrub the lace area and cap of human hair wig;

Remove the shampoo from top to down with slightly warmer water, add a smidgen of conditioner to hair, then waiting 3-5 minutes, avoid lace parts, because the conditioner can loosen the knots;

Specific warmer wet towel softly clean the lace area of human hair lace front wig;

Finally, allow lace wigs to air dry naturally, don’t use the dry blow, it will dry out and damage hair and the lace part, also avoid direct sunshine and strong wind, then keep the human hair wig in good condition after confirm the hair and lace is dry, last but not least, please prepare a box what is bigger than the hair using area, avoid hair folding.
Hope these tips could help you to enjoy the human hair wig journey.