HD human hair LACE WIGS

Dec 18, 2019 11:11:31 PM

Should I Get New HD Lace Wig?

HD lace is a new kind of lace material, used to be called Swiss lace which is more light, soft and delicate and looks more transparent than normal lace, which can melt into our skin more perfectly, which makes the hairline more invisible.

Hd lace

And HD lace frontal is a lace frontal with HD lace. If you are a lace front wearer, you will love illusion lace frontal even more because the lace is see-through. When we use HD lace frontal to make wigs, the wig looks more real. At present, more and more hair lovers are chasing wigs and frontal with HD lace.


It seems that some people say HD lace looks a bit like transparent lace.As a matter of fact, they are totally different, but what is the difference between HD lace and HD transparent lace wigs?

As we mentioned above, HD lace is a new kind of lace material, but transparent lace is the normal lace with transparent colour. 

We often recommend the transparent lace to light skin tone girls, but recently we found that transparent colour lace can melt to any skin tone after we bleach the hair knots and glue down the hairline. 

But according to the features of the lace material itself, HD lace is still more thin, delicate and transparent than transparent normal lace. It can melt into our skin much better than transparent lace, which can make our hairline looks more natural and less visible.

Please look at the picture below:

HD LACE, transparent lace

Although it has so many advantages, we also need to pay special attention when we use it. Because The lace is very thin, we need to handle it carefully. If you want to choose more human hair lace wigs, you can visit our West Kiss Hair online store.


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