Apr 14, 2019 7:15:30 PM

From Daily Washing Care To Deep Condition

The best professional stylist couldn’t make perfect curl and surprising color without excellent Virgin hair bundles. Here, aiming to keep Straight hair weave healthy and beautiful, we talk how to care Brazilian hair bundles from daily washing to deep condition.

Daily Washing Care:

1, avoiding using high temperature water to wash Brazilian straight hair

2, we could use hair mask as daily hair condition if income could support the cost, although there is slowly effective after we insist to use it about 2-3 months, the result will be more stable, it’s way to change Long straight hairstyles hair texture if hair has withered, forky and other problem.

3, after finishing washing, using towel to scrub Virgin hair bundles, not rub

4, using conditioner to cover the Brazilian straight hair ending before dry it by hair drier.

5, be carefully to control hair drier temperature, avoiding it’s too high, also keeping the hair in 70%-80% dryness, not 100% dryness

6, using without washing conditioner essence to smear ending of Straight hair weave in every morning and night.

Deep condition:

Generally, hair deep condition is called to “making hair mask”, it’s not obviously produce good changing even you do hair mask every week, the professional ways along with hard work will get better result, there are important and professional notifications about hair mask. Firstly, the suitable temperature is more important than time controlling, that’s why hair stylist always heat Virgin hair bundles in deep condition hair processing. When temperature is controlling in good condition, hair cuticle will be opened status, then lots of energy will be received by hair, and it’s easily to optimized hair inside instruction.

So if we do it by ourselves home, on one hand, please ware thick shower cap with strong keeping warm function, on the other hand, the time controlling we said in previous words is vital, as we all know, short time is not enough, but longer than usual is bad to hair texture. Normally, on the heating situation, the best time frame is 15-20 minutes; if we only ware shower cap, 30 minutes will be fine. Once time is too long, hair will be oiled, even there will produce dander.

Hair care is aimed to make hair getting and keeping energy, meanwhile, there will produce a protective layer to protect hair texture from damage, all the works to keep hair soft, bounce and shine. As selecting different skin protection according to skin types, we need to choose different hair protection product per hair damaged degree. Dry and sensitive hair should use high protein and moisture type condition production; such as protein conditioning milk, it could be used as daily product. But if the hair is extremely tangled and dry, it’s time to use hair mask conditioning hair, hair mask would nourish hair deeply and repair damaged hair texture, there is possible to make hair be reversed back into original good condition.