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Go on vacation with a wig


Do you also feel that summer is getting hotter every year? The beach and hotel pools are full of vacationers. If you want to have beautiful and enjoyable fun on vacation, I guess you must have a wig in your suitcase. I hope that after reading this article, You can avoid the problem of wigs bringing unpleasant feelings to your holiday.

What are the best wig styles to wear in the summer?

I'm sure many articles recommend short wigs, especially Bob wigs are best for summer,Preferably one that goes from the neck up. This is cool and prevents the hair from getting soaked in sweat and causing tangles. I don't know about you, but I've always liked long-inch wigs.

If I wear a long wig in the summer, I usually wear it in a bun or braid it in a variety of pretty styles, It's much cooler than draping it all over your back.

Synthetic hair wig is also very popular in summer. Compared to human hair, synthetic hair is lighter, The price is also cheaper, With the same budget, you can bring several different styles and colors of synthetic hair wigs to wear,It also saves time on styling.


What type of wig construction is best in the summer?

Overall, The larger the lace area, the better the air permeability. Of course, a full lace wig is the most breathable. But it's also the most expensive. West Kiss Hair has released a new hair cap with better air permeability, so if you're on a budget, you might want to try this new one. It is also a Pre-Cut HD lace wear go wig, Install In 3 secs with no glue no gel. Which is most popular recently.


Can I swim with a wig on?

Snapping a few photos of a sexy swimsuit and sharing them on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok has now become a routine practice for holidaymakers. But before you jump into the pool, We recommend that you don't bother to put your hair up, secure it in your swim cap, and carefully check for any stray strands. Otherwise, the hair will be particularly prone to tangles after contact with water, and you need to spend more time waiting for the hair to finish drying but also need to carefully comb it out.

Do the same when you take a shower. But if you are bathing after playing in the sea,The hair is also wet with seawater. In this case, the wigs need to be cleaned. Just as we don't want our skin to become allergic to the alkaline ingredients in seawater, these elements can also damage the scales of our hair.

Can I wear a wig in direct sunlight?

There is nothing more enjoyable and relaxing on holiday than sunbathing, But the hot summer sun can cause hair to become dry or dull, and hair that is too dry can become prone to tangles and even hair loss. We suggest that you can wear a sun hat or a headscarf to protect your hair and look more elegant and stylish.


If there was a problem going through security?

Most of the wigs have little metal clips inside them to hold them in place, Are you worried about being asked to take your wig off and check it when you go through security? It rarely happens. When the metal detector has a prompt, you just need to explain it to the staff normally.

Where do you plan to spend your vacation this summer? Can't wait to see your beautiful photos. Are you willing to be the promotion ambassador of west kiss hair? Please contact us if you are interested.

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