West Kiss Bonus Point Program

1.Q: What is West Kiss Bonus Point

A: West Kiss bonus point is an exclusive feedback to customers shop on our shopping website include of PC and Mobile terminal. Customers will get the corresponding bonus points when they accomplished their shopping consumption. And then customers can use this bonus point to deduct the corresponding cash amount when fulfilling their payment next time.

2.Q: How do I get Bonus Point?

A: You can get bonus point from the following methods.

❤Buy and Save

You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent on your purchase.

It counted as one dollar when the purchase amount is less than one dollar.

For example, if your purchase amount is 4.99 dollars then you can get 5 bonus points.


You can get 200 bonus points for signing up to West Kiss.

Sign In

You can get 5 bonus points when you sign in every time and all you can get in one day is 5 bonus points only.

Reviewing Our Products

You can earn points from writing reviews on our products. Submitting your review earn 10 points.

Under this circumstance, all you can get in one day is 20 bonus points only.

3. Q:How to use my Bonus Point?

Every 200 points = $1.

If you cancel your order or return goods, then you can not get the corresponding bonus points.

You can pay for up to 30% of your purchase with bonus points at checkout.